ChurchKeeper Ultimate Features

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If you would like to view a getting started PDF showing sample screens and reports download, Getting Started PDF.

  • Runs on desktop, network, or cloud giving you access from anywhere.

  • Work at home or church at no addition charge. ChurchKeeper will also run on the cloud with a popular service like Dropbox. Load additional copies of the software on your home computer at no additional charge. Plus, you can send your system to the web and download it to your house to continue to work, and then back to the church when you're finished, and you can backup your data to our backup servers at no additional cost.

  • Compatible with the latest Windows Operating Systems including Windows 8.1.

  • Fully net workable at no additional cost.

  • This software is loaded with church growing features and is a great management/communication tool.

  • Complete membership management. Thousands of churches have given us insight on what they need to manage their membership. This program has been loaded with management tools.

  • Powerful congregation workbench brings a world of information to your fingertips. Add/change members/visitors. Attach committees, groups, and activities. Attach assignments, special dates, and pictures. Inquire contribution activity plus much more.

  • Easy entry of member/visitor profiles, and fast lookup to find and manage your membership.

  • Easy, fast, contribution entry. Our editor was designed with the end user in mind. Unlike other systems that require you to move your hands from the mouse to the keypad, we designed our entry so that you literally keep your hands on the numeric pad while inputting contributions. Plus, contributors usually give the same amount each giving, so our software remembers the last giving, and populates the input form with this entry. You simply press save each week giving tremendous speed during contribution entry. These features make our software the easiest and fastest software on the market today.

  • Unlimited records. Input is extremely fast and easy. A convenient dup function key allows you to populate fields without re-keying, for example: while inputting city and state.

  • Professional contribution statements. No special forms required as in many packages. Prints on regular 8 1/2 X 11 paper. Great way to show your accountability to your congregation and increases future givings.

  • Unlimited funds. Your choice of funds and easy selection for postings during contribution entry.

  • Contribution management reports include active and inactive contributors reports. Active contributors show your most active members, and inactive contributor's will alert you when someone is getting ready to fall out of fellowship or those who are facing financial challenges.

  • Unlimited groups with attendance options. Keep track of Sunday school classes, deacons, the church choir, or any group imaginable. Attendance can be kept for each group with very professional attendance reports.

  • Easy to use, and enter pledges and print pledge cards for each member.

  • A diary is maintained for each user, showing a history of address changes and notes for each member/visitor record. Each item is stamped with the username, date and time so that events can be tracked precisely.

  • Powerful email capabilities. Email contribution statements, reports, directories, etc. ChurchKeeper pays for itself by emailing statements to your membership saving hundreds of dollars on postage alone!

  • High-level security can be set up on a user level. Users can be given permissions or denied access to literally every option in the system.

  • On-entry ticklers (to) let you know important events such as birthdays, appointments, task lists, etc. for each user.

  • Unlimited assignment/special dates/user fields. Track baptisms, confirmations, anniversary dates, bus routes, special events, etc. Attach to committees, activities, anniversary dates, bus routes, etc.

  • Loaded with high-level reports such as rosters, directories, and birthdays. Plus the ability to pull a report for a group or groups, a special date or user field, and much more. Option grids on all reports gives the user ability to pull reports based on from/to criteria, for example, pull all the people who live in a particular zip code, or all the people who visited the church last week.

  • Compatible with all major accounting packages such as QuickBooks or link it to ExpenseKeeper (included) to give complete financial management.

  • Includes high-level graphs, for example, congregation breakdown (members, visitors, etc).

  • Internal word processor with template letters that can be attached to each record. Mass mailings allow for letters to be generated without any input. Generate letters to visitors for each service with just the click of a button.

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office products. Supports export to Word/Excel/Access.