ChurchKeeper - Church Management Software Existing Customers Download.

Follow these instructions if you are an existing customer of ChurchKeeper

  • Step 1) Backup your existing ChurchKeeper. Launch your existing ChurchKeeper and from the System pulldown of the Main Menu, click Backup/Restore and click the Backup control. When prompted where to backup, we recommond a flash drive or external hard drive.
  • Step 2) Determine which version of ChurchKeeper you are running. From the Help pull down of the Main Menu, select "About ChurchKeeper" and note the verion number, version date, and build number.
  • Step 3) If you are running a version dated 11/09/2010 or older, please fill out the information below, download and install ChurchKeeper. If you are running ChurchKeeper Ultimate version dated 07/01/2015 or newer, please download and install ChurchKeeper Ultimate by Clicking Here.
  • Step 4) Call our offices at 800/673-5204 and register your copy, we will instruct you through restoring your data from the backup obtained in step 1.


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Additional Questions?
Which version of ChurchKeeper are you running?
Version 15.2 or greater
         Version 15.2 dated 04/15/2015 or greater
         Version 10.8 dated 11/09/2010 or older

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